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"Sam no, don’t.”

Sam can’t actually be telling the attractive (like, really attractive) Captain America cosplayer. (Seriously, his butt is better than Chris Evans’). They’ve been at Comic Con for two days now. They’ve barely been back to their hotel room and being on the floor, pushed up against the rest of the people here in the heat, Blaine must be so gross. 

Besides that, Sam has to be the most embarrassing friend ever. And oblivious, because he’s still trying to work the camera. 

Blaine finally looks out from behind his hands. The cosplayer is looking at him with a little smile. 

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Derek in sweatpants for Juily  (´ε` )♡

Derek in sweatpants for Juily  (´ε` )♡

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tagging nsfw is hilarious like it’s just like you’re in a room with a shitload of people and you shout PORN and then some people cover their eyes and others stare at you in anticipation


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Glee Klaine AU___   Blaine the Boyfriend Pillow (Inspired by this)

Kurt has been single for a long time now. Every night he goes to sleep alone and wakes up to a cold space next to him. This has to change.

Despite his better judgement, Kurt finds himself buying an arm pillow and decides to name it Blaine. He treasures his guilty pleasure, enjoying being cuddled to sleep and be kept warm and safe during the night.

One morning, Kurt wakes up to a real person. There’s no way this can be real, but with Blaine everything seems easy and beautiful and Kurt can’t stop himself from enjoying the time they spend together. But it has to end in some sort of way, right? Still, was it really only a dream..?

(Other AUs here)

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Tall boys with dark messy hair and light eyes with amazing jaw structure and cute dimples make me weak

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I just need this scene where Bucky makes a dirty joke in front of the Avengers and everyone just stops for a moment. And then Steve just snorts soda out his nose and starts laughing so hard he can hardly breathe.

And everyone is just shocked because they thought Steve would be scandalized.

Bucky just looks at their stunned faces and goes “You do know that we were in the army, right?”

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You were my Beta first, Scott… It was my bite that changed your life… And my bite that can end it….

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teen wolf cast creates memes…

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"TYLER WANTS TO MAKE A VINE" [x] (Feat. Tyler Hoechlin)

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not being at comic con like 


not being at comic con like 

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*muffled rap music plays in the distance*

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Stop Chris Pratt before it’s too late 2k14

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